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Wednesday, May 22, 2002  

today let me jot down of engagement and its philosphy!:)

committed thou are..invite a member of opposite sex to match your harmonics..its like filer,,no human is perfect..
voids are menat to be there..but when u unite two pitches,,if u lucky,,,ur trenches may fill up with ur partner's peak!..
single thou art from birth,,,u decide to enjoy the joy of feel like being more than existing ..
u get just one more reason to be alive..on the chain of evolution u have picked up the route!..i mean u and ur partner will deicde the
future of your evolution sequence! have found the mixing sequence for the ladders of evolution genes!..
and the glue is love.. coz body is dead without fuel driving the car..mind acts catalyses as you reach out to hold your love..
you have just selected the pain and pleasure you deicde should carry on from u!..ur unfulfilled dreams are finding its genesis in your partners womb..
engagement just fires the first shot in this array of war,,,war of love and passion...war of choices,,of place, career, emotion..
and pal my engagement falls on this 26th,,so wish me good luck as i start visualizing my eveolution sequence,!,my babies are eagerly waiting in those black holes to hav eme

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Friday, May 10, 2002  

Dreams are the touch stones of character - Is there any quote like that ???? If so let it be...

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Monday, April 29, 2002  

excerpts from "overnite" discussions diary [with my beautiful minded friend:]-the "true series" part 1 "curtain raiser"
setting : we came late that sleep was all that we were dreaming of..but somehow dreams came in before....and DREAMS it our hot talk that nite!:):-

Dreams, just another unsolved puzzle...just another heavenly bliss...parallel world...another life..fantasy realization..a programmatic error in human event "real " are dreams? they "affect " our lives?! dreams we rarely are what we really are,,,is that meant to be so!...some mysterious locked cages unlocking in the middle of nite....could be a demo of the state of infinte death?..communion with the origin of minds?..intimacy with our deepest fears...? epitome of human creativity!...
how perfect , how beautiful and sharp the pictures..a master sculpture in all of he coming alive when we sleep!..does dreams flush out stress?...bring in hopes for the next dawn?..add dimensions and divert visions?...any negative effetcs,,na...nothing cretaive can degrade ..dreams are there long as gaps there between what we are nad what we want to be...extension of life?...dual personalities?..can we plan what we day will we all be dreaming dreaming and never wakeining up!? ..or dreams just a physical exertion? whay cant we be as creative as in dreams in ral life? are we missing something...?? are we REALLY AWAKE IN MORNING?..or is this dream?????...and are dreams reality .
opps ...its 2 in morning...tome for teh dream beauty to wet my dry throat..time to pull up the sheet..and curtain raiser,,for the dreams slip in from the galxies...bringing me my true lements...let us dream....sree.. good nite .sweet dreams!!:).

9:01 PM |

to a beautiful mind:
had a chance to find a beautiful mind ..i mean reinvent from good old colege days..shared space, time and ideas ...
lifting us the origin of our axes..floating ideas,,ccrazy views..all bringing out the sleeping universe seeds from the big bang..
nightout discussions..lazy, death , mist and machine...none escaped from our mind frame...
discoverd the uniquely rythm of minds...that mind had a touch of reality in the ocean of dreams,,,filled my void..
chalenged my gods...that beautiful mind expanded my membranes..the strange and warm thread betwen two minds was set in that hot city...
domain change , minds apart...coz they have to follow the eevr expanding universe,,still that mind sings to my frequencies..shows peaks in my wavelengths..
that mind is none other than u my friend...sree..missing u:(
another mind touched and raised to high energy levels , the rest of energy throwing light in darkest nites..

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Saturday, March 30, 2002  

Manassenna maha saagarathilekku irengi chellumbol chinthakalude alakal kaanam. Chila koottan alakal bhumiye thanne marachu ennirikkam.
Chindhikooo, Chirikkooo, Chirippikkoooo.....
Mattoru Njan

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Wednesday, March 27, 2002  

Chindhakalkku mandhyam sambivitchiriykunnuvo? .. Oru prakritha jeevitham thanne aalle ithum ennayi chintha ... Udheshyavum pravarthikalum oru lakshyathinnu thangavuka ayi..


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I have always wondered about a caged bird. Then one day it struck me, whether by physically caging a bird, do we also cage it's mind? Or is it that in it's mind it is soaring the seamless skies... does it have a mind at all, does it think? Anyway, in analogy with the human being of this world, it may be better off:

The caged bird, thus physically trapped,
the man, so much of this world,
the bird, no pattern of thought, no desires, so free
the man, so in his desires, caged...


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Friday, March 22, 2002  

Have a nice weekend.


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Thursday, March 21, 2002  

Me forgot to put my name :-)
Holmes, Sherlock Holmes - Thats my name :-)
:- S -:

4:50 AM |

Me was not well yesterday. So went home. Today also not feeling well. Talking of Peotry, I have written a couple of lines ...

Thaedinen, Thaedinen, Unnai naan thaedinen
Kanavile maatrumae unnai naan kaankiraen

I have given music also to the above lines, but due to tech restrictions, I am not able to upload it :-)
Enjoy..... Always

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